Marian Abutoaiei

CEO & Co-Founder at Power On Networking

About Me

Here are some things that you should know about me.

Marian Abutoaiei

CEO & Co-Founder at Power On Networking
✓ 11 years experience in telecommunication

✓ 7 years experience in software development & research

✓ Experience in marketing, online marketing, branding, marketing research, project management.


Things that I work on.

iHook App for Android and IOS

iHook Web Platform

About iHook

I'm the Project Manager of iHook App - Social Local Network.

iHook is a social app that helps users to keep their friends closer. Also it puts in connection people who are in the same location, so it doesn’t create virtual communities as other apps but simply connects people in already existing communities.

Together with my team we are responsible for:
- Project concept, functions, graphic design interface, branding, marketing research and marketing strategies;
- Research and studies on individual users and groups: social interactions, behaviour, social integration, etc.;
- Implementation, testing, optimisation, etc.

After 3 years of social studies and over 4000 people involved we released iHook Beta App based on Real needs and problems regarding our Social Life.

Too much Virtual Socialisation causes addiction, socialize more in Real Life with Real Friends!

Parties, Places, Friends, New experiences. All in one App!

My goal: provide to user content and suggestions when needed in the right context in the right moment.

Discover iHook App! is Different!
Be part of a Better, Sociable World!

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